1. International Vaccine Truth Symposium in Istanbul/Turkey

The Vaccine Truth Symposium is organized by Su Asaad without any sponsorship and is a non-profit venture. In 2011 Su had the HPV vaccination that claims to prevent cervical cance. Later she began having seizures diagnosed as temporal lobe epilepsy and after that she developed CIN3-type cervix degeneration the very illness that the HPV vaccine claims to prevent.
Su Asaad is a Sound Engineer, graduate of Istanbul Bilgi University, and SAE Institute in Los Angeles. Later, she studied Neuroanatomy, Neuroelectrophysiology and Biofeedback at Victor Babes Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania. 
While this symposium sees the rejection of vaccination for radical and spiritual reasons within the scope of an individual's freedom of belief, its intention is not to defend such a rejection of vaccination.  The Symposium is organized to enlighten society about the problems faced by the current state of vaccine application, problems experienced by the experts themselves.  It advocates the need for a truly essential vaccination program that is appropriate, safer, more valid geographically, the risks of which are lower compared with its benefits. It is organized to act as a mouthpiece for enquiring citizens.
The subject of the symposium is not only child vaccination, but also the problems related to all kinds of vaccines given to adults. Ultimately, vaccines are commercial products produced by private companies. They have flaws and are in need of monitoring and improvement.
The Sympoisum emphasizes that the solution to this is the national vaccine.
National vaccine is not only a matter of economics, but also a solution to the factors that threaten the health of our society.
None of the speakers attending this symposium are anti-vaccine. They simply express the current problems surrounding vaccines.
Experts participating as speakers;
Professor Dr. Sezai Sahmay was the head of the Cerrahpaşa Gynecology and Obstetrics Reproductive Endocrinology Department. He is a founding member and president of the Gynecological Endocrinology Association.
Steve Hinks and Lucy Hinks will speak on behalf of AHVID (Associaiton for HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters), a UK non-profit organisationc that expresses problems relating to not only to the HPV (cervical cancer vaccine) vaccine called Sane Vax, whose motto is Safe, Affordable, Necessary, Effective vaccine.
Dr. Hakkı Kumusoglu is the founder and medical director of GENITARA Personalized Medical Services Inc. and conducts personalized and evidence-based clinical services and research at the Stop-Aging Clinic of both GENITARA and Liv Hospital. During this symposium, Mr Kumusoglu will answer the question "Is it possible to determine the individuals at risk of vaccine injury in advance?" He will draw upon his knowledge of genetic factors. 
Dr. Hasan Gökhan Şentürk is a medical doctor who specializes in homeopathy and bioresonance and practices holistic medicine. After graduating from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, he did  his compulsory military service in Antakya between 1987-1988. He has Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Ozone Therapy and Mesotherapy certificates issued by the Ministry of Health.
Joan Shenton is a British documentary film maker. She has been producing and presenting programmes for network radio and television for 50 years. The award-winning "Sacrificial Virgins" documentary, written and presented by Joan Shenton and directed by Andi Reiss, will be screened at the symposium. The documentary describes how young girls suffer many adverse reactions and some are seriously damaged by the HPV vaccine.
The Turkish premier of the internationally-renowned documentary "Vaxxed" will also take place. The film highlights vested interests between pharmaceutical companies and the development of our vaccines. 

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